Finding Quality Talent is Our Priority

J. Morrissey can help you solve your recruiting and staffing challenges. Whether you need to fill a critical position, or you need short-term help, we connect you with talent that is aligned with your role and your business strategy.

Our team specializes in accounting & finance, executive-level, healthcare, healthcare IT and office support. We continually build relationships with qualified talent, so you can choose from the best, every time.

Service Options


Leverage our temporary staffing services to manage variable workloads, busy seasons and large projects with skilled temporary and contract workers personally vetted for your business.

Save time and resources by placing contract employees on our payroll. We take care of paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and benefits.

Our clients see the value in partnering with us to enjoy the benefits of augmenting their staff on an as needed basis to satisfy their immediate workload requirements and their long-term administrative needs.


Reduce hiring risk by testing an employee on the job before extending an employment offer through our temporary-to-hire staffing services. Temporary-to hire is a useful service to companies who are seeking to fill a regular position by hiring selected employees for a predetermined temporary period to evaluate their performance under actual conditions.

Direct Placement

Our direct placement services allows you to find high-caliber candidates faster and more accurately. Our team works closely with our clients to develop job specifications and a clear definition of the job opportunity within the organization. Regardless of the complexity of the position, our recruiters, through the use of a sophisticated search/retrieval information technology system, identify potentially qualified candidates. These candidates are all carefully prescreened and personally interviewed. Finally, a rigorous selection process set at the highest predetermined standards for the position is applied and the best-qualified candidates are presented.

The direct placement team services all levels of our clients’ workforce. Our consultative approach to staffing allows for a natural succession plan, a cohesive team development, and consistent high standards within our clients’ organization. With direct placement contingency searches, our fee will be earned and payable only upon the successful completion of the candidate hire.

Retained Search

Connect with high-impact leaders to drive your organization into the future with tailored executive search services. With our retained search service, J.Morrissey enters into an exclusive engagement relationship where our clients contractually retain us to undertake a comprehensive executive level search for a fixed fee with a predetermined payment plan.

Our search process begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. This is accomplished through internal interviews with key decision makers, peers to the position, and staff members. Additionally, we research the business community for competitive intelligence relating to similar positions, market value, size and scope of responsibilities in like environments. The result is a comprehensive description that clearly outlines the opportunity. A search schedule is then prepared, outlining the timeline and requirements of the search.

Included in the process will be the launch of widespread candidate sourcing and the researching of prospective applicants, extensive interviewing, collection of candidate resumes with an addendum of experience that is pertinent to the position, and a detailed reference and background investigation.

The slate of candidates, each having a dossier that contains an executive summary, the resume and addendum, verification of credentials, examples of authored works and presentations, and letters of recommendation, will be presented to the client. J. Morrissey facilitates the interview process including the selection of final candidate, the preparation of the benefit and compensation package and presenting of the offer and acceptance.

HR Consulting

Culpeo HR is the HR partner that growing organizations depend on to stay protected, compliant, and competitive.

In the ever-changing business climate, it is essential to have an HR partner that you rely on to decrease administrative burdens and keep your company compliant, safe, and HR progressive.

Our team prides itself on being a true partner and extension to all our clients. We’re deeply invested in the success of their businesses and people. Delivering customized HR solutions that provide flexible support, strategy, and structure to achieve foundational excellence.

That’s the Culpeo difference.

The J. Morrissey Experience


We guarantee you will have a great experience.


Our process connects you to the talent you need, quickly.


Every recruiter has deep roots in the niches they serve.


We find you candidates who are both skilled and culturally aligned to add value.


We will always do the right thing for our clients.


We have a deep understanding of the industries we work in.


Your recruiter is local and can be at your front door, quickly.


If you have a unique challenge, we will find you the solution.


We know every client and every candidate personally, to facilitate strong matches.