COVID-19 Health and Safety Support in Your Workplace

COVID-19 Healthy and Safety Support


As our nation continues to combat COVID-19, states are working on plans to reopen safely. With that, businesses across all industries will need to take additional measures to ensure their work environments are safe and healthy for employees.

Beyond the social distancing protocols already in place, you might be wondering how you can create a safe and healthy work environment, especially in trying times. J. Morrissey Recruiting and Staffing can help you navigate these uncharted waters. Our team of experts can provide you with the resources needed to support your health and safety strategies.

Here is how we have been helping clients and how we can help you as well.

  1. We can provide you with a medical professional that can manage your specific COVID-19 work environment safety plan.
  2. This medical professional, either a Medical Assistant or Nurse, will provide medical screenings to make sure your employees are safe and healthy prior to entering the building.
  3. These medical screenings consist of:
    1. Asking a series of healthcare screening questions predetermined by the CDC and your company)
    2. Taking temperature of all employees at the door prior to beginning their shifts, as well as any other time they re-enter the building (from breaks, meetings, etc.)
  4. The medical professionals will document the results for each employee they screen.
  5. Employees are allowed to enter the building only after they are cleared by the medical professional.
  6. If someone does not pass the screening and temperature check, the medical professionals will send them home to follow quarantine requirements.

We understand that every business and work environment might approach their safety and health plan differently, and that’s ok! Regardless of your teams specific plan, our team of experts can provide you with the medical personnel on a temporary or permanent basis to support your strategy so you all can get back into the workplace safely and responsibly.

Reach out to our Healthcare Staffing Services team today, and let us help you get back to you what you all do best in a safe and healthy way. Call 860-925-6000.


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