Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Career

Spring cleaning tips for your career.


Spring is finally here which means the days are getting longer, warmer weather is on the horizon and it’s a great time for some good ole’ fashion spring cleaning not just personally, but also professionally. The start of this new season is a great opportunity to freshen up on some important things that will help you be more productive and allow you to work towards your career goals. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your career:

Revamp Your Resume

Whether you are searching for a new job, open to new opportunities, or are happy in your current role, it is always a good idea to have an updated resume on hand. Some key aspects of your resume that you may consider updating are job titles, new job responsibilities, and experience. It’s also important to include any new skills, education, certifications, and community and industry involvement that you may have acquired since the last update. You never know what new job opportunities may come your way, so updating your resume now can be extremely convenient for you down the road.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Our social media profiles are an extension of our personal and professional brands. Keeping these up to date, especially when it comes to professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, is another important tip for your career growth. Similar to the resume updates, you’ll want to update your social profiles with any new and relevant job information, skills, experience, education, and community involvement. Also, consider giving your profiles a visual facelift by adding fresh profile pictures and background images. Let your digital connections see all the great work you have been up to.

Organize Your Inbox

Sorting through the clutter in your inbox is not only frustrating, but also a huge time suck. Take this new season as an opportunity to organize your inbox. Create and commit to a filing system that works for you and your everyday workflow, then file your emails accordingly so they can be easily found. Once you commit to a filing system, try to organize your inbox daily so that you are keeping your tasks tidy. The less clutter you have in your inbox, the more productive you’ll be throughout your day. This is a tip for your sanity as much as it is for your career.

Learn New Career Skills

This is a great time to refine or learn a new skill that can help advance your career and land your next great job opportunity. Whether you are considering earning an advanced degree or certification, or simply want to brush up on some essential soft skills, now is the time to take the next step. Fortunately, in today’s digital world there are a plethora of online resources available such as webinars, eBooks, blogs and online publications that cover all sorts of topics across multiple industries. Many certificate and degree programs are also now offered online so you can enhance your skills and qualifications without ever having to leave your chair. Take this time to reflect on what skills and education will benefit you in the short and long term as you continue working toward your career goals.

Everyone’s career journey is unique, and J. Morrissey Recruiting and Staffing is here to provide you with ongoing career support during Spring cleaning season and beyond. If you have any further questions about how to grow your career or want to discuss new job opportunities, please connect with our team. Give us a call at 860-925-6000 or visit our website www.jmorrissey.com.

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