J. Morrissey’s First RAISE Award Winner

Our first RAISE award winner, Marcia Hires.

Without further ado, we are beyond thrilled to announce the first winner ever of the J. Morrissey RAISE Award… Marcia Hires! Marcia is an absolute rockstar here at J. Morrissey Staffing and Recruiting. Marcia is an Administrative Assistant at our Windsor office and goes above and beyond for everyone she interacts with. Anyone who has had the pleasure to interact with her whether in person, over the phone, or via email knows that she truly cares about people.

No matter what is thrown her way, we can always count on Marcia to be dependable, adaptable, and do whatever it takes to help out the team. She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure our candidates and clients have a great experience. Her dedication to her work is always matched with a huge smile on her face. Her positivity and hard work make J. Morrissey a better place, and we can’t think of a better person to receive the RAISE award for quarter one of this year. Thank you, Marcia, for everything you do to “RAISE” the J. Morrissey team and experience.

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