What to Do After a Job Interview

post interview tips


Phew, you made it through the interview. Nice job! While the interview itself might be over, there are still some follow-up items to complete.

Thank you emails and notes:

Follow up with a thank-you email to everyone you met with within 24 hours of the interview: 

  • Use the subject line to attract attention.
  • Include information or clarify points you didn’t answer completely in the interview.
  • Sell yourself to the company – use this as a sales letter.
  • Keep your message clear and concise.
  • Reference the next steps or decision timeline in the follow-up.
  • Include a professional signature block.
  • Send a handwritten thank-you note also, if you think this may be appropriate.
  • Check your formatting and proofread for spelling and grammar before you send anything. 

Follow up:

  • This is where your J. Morrissey team comes into play. 
  • If appropriate, connect with the interviewers on LinkedIn.
  • Call your J. Morrissey recruiter after the interview to debrief. We can walk through the interview and we’ll be able to relay any clarifications you may deem appropriate.
  • Let us know of your interest, follow-up questions, concerns, etc. We will be able to get you additional information when we debrief with the client.

We have put together this comprehensive interview guide to help prepare you during every step of the interview process..

The J. Morrissey Recruiting and Staffing team is always here to help. We can help you search for job opportunities, prepare for interviews and guide you with every step of the interview process. Contact our recruiters today, call 860-925-6000.


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